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Inspired by Bizet's masterpiece, Carmen Latina The Musical is a vibrant Rock-Latino show with a thrilling score, opportunities for dazzling dance routines and a stunning mega-mix finale. Set in modern day Latin America against a background of oppression, revolution and the imminent Football World Cup, it has enjoyed huge success in countries as varied as Austria, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Iceland and Poland. Constant evolution has ensured commercial success, it has always played to packed houses, standing ovations and rave reviews:
“It's a hit”
Sunday Telegraph (Vienna Premiére)
“A Triumph”
Richard Gold
Variety, New York (Vienna Premiére)
“Colourful, concentrated all works - storm the box office!”
Gerhard Rosenthaler
Neue AZ, Vienna (Austrian Premiére)
“The audience was so enthusiastic that the last scene had to be repeated - and even that was not enough”
Vigid Stefansdottier
Dagur (Iceland premiere)
“A seductive show with a breath-taking dynamic”
John Chrastia
Jullands Posten (Danish Premiére)
"Dynamic, youthful fresh take on Carmen the opera"
Ryszard Klimczak Marta Butt in ‘Official Theatre’
Official Theatre (2010-11 Polish production)
“Absolutely must be seen”
Satakunnan Kansa (Finnish Premiére)
"This is truly an event. Phenomenal
Barbera Kos
Echo On (2010-11 Polish production)

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