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Carmen photoCarmen Latina is a rock-Latino-pop version of Bizet’s Carmen set in Santa Maria, a mythical Latin American state, against a background of oppressionescamillo, revolution and the imminent World football Cup.

José and Carmen play out their fated drama in the long shadows of the Catholic Church and African voodoo. He is a noviciate priest who has killed a man: the army is his last chance. She is a mystery – a solitary dark figure, sexy and secretive, who can delve into the past and future using powers of witchcraft. Under the tutelage of a fanatical priest, José wants to change the world. She wants to take it as it comes, easy and slow. Their paths cross at a State-run munitions factory where Carmen is a reluctant, co-opted worker. Using her sexuality as a political weapon against the General’s fascist regime, she responds to an attempted rape by one of the guards by slashing his face.

José – who is engaged to a young girl from his village – allows Carmen to escape. She has forced him to face the dark side of his personality… When he is released from prison José finds Carmen mixing with poets and revolutionaries in ‘Lily’s Bar’ – a bohemian night club run by an exuberant drag queen. José realises party scene that his only chance is to desert from the army and live outside the town in a commune with Carmen’s friends. But life is hard for them all without money and Carmen loses interest in José now he has succumbed to her will.death scene

She goes for Escamillo – in this version of Carmen not a bull-fighter but the star striker in the Santa Maria football team. Acting on orders from his priest, José ritually slaughters Carmen as a witch during the Cup Final. But Carmen’s will prevails. Beneath her black dress she wears a red slip. She has foreseen her death and, bored with life, welcomes it.

Bizet’s opera is a musical before its time. Stewart Trotter and Callum McLeod have produced the show that Bizet would have written had he been alive today.

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Carmen Latina the Musical